Year Round

Kölsch – 4.8% – 5.4% abv (5.1% average), filtered
This style originated in the area around Cologne , Germany. This pale gold and light bodied Kölsch-style ale finishes with a slightly dry palate and exhibits the more desirable flavor features of both ales and lagers. There is a delicate hop aroma and mild bitterness, lending to a clean and refreshing sip.
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India Pale Ale – 5.4% – 6.0% abv (5.8% average), filtered
This English style India Pale Ale (IPA) originates from the aggressively hopped and higher alcohol beers shipped to British controlled colonial India in the late 19th century. Pale to medium amber, close to copper, in color. There is a lot of floral hop aroma and herbaceous and lingering bitterness. The finish of our IPA is relatively balanced.
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Nut Brown Ale – 5.0% – 5.8% abv (5.5% average), filtered
This English style brown ale is dark red to russet in color. Our Nut Brown Ale presents a roasted nut aroma and a complex malt character. While finely balanced, this variety does not display a large amount of hop bitterness.
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Weizens (pronounced vy-tzin) are a unique style of beer from the Bavarian state in Germany. The grist contains a large portion of wheat, which leads to a distinctive wheaty aroma and medium to full body. Because it is unfiltered, weizen will display a wonderful haze and cloudiness. The traditional Bavarian yeast strain used to brew the weizen styles offers a pronounced aroma and flavor of banana and clove. We brew the following two varieties of weizen annually:

Dunkelweizen – 5.0% – 5.7% abv (5.3% average), unfiltered, Winter and Fall
Darker malts lend to a darker color and slightly more malty flavor.
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Hefeweizen – 4.6% – 5.2% abv (5.0% average), unfiltered, Summer and Spring
Lighter malts lend to a hazy golden color and slightly more ‘refreshing’ taste.
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Oatmeal Stout – 6.1% – 7.0% abv (6.7% average), unfiltered
This English stout is a dark brown to black beer that exhibits strong roast and burnt characteristics. The dark malts used give this beer a rich aroma and flavor. It is not heavily hopped and oats are used in the grist to lend a fuller mouthfeel.
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ba-beer-1634-bottle1634 Ale – 5.1% abv (average), filtered
1634 Ale was originally brewed under commission for the 375th Anniversary celebration at Historic Saint Mary’s City. The ingredients used, including rye, caraway and molasses lend to a dark reddish color and a well rounded flavor.
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Seasonal Varieties

Maibock – A very malty beer with a fair amount of residual sweetness. The hop character is subdued, with a delicate aroma and just enough bitterness to balance the sweet finish. This beer is intended to be consumed at a leisurely pace, since it has some strength. 6.8% alcohol by volume (late-April into May).
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Trinity Stout – This is a “slow-pour” stout, which is very easy drinking and has a velvety texture, mild bitterness, and rich full roasty malt character. 4.5% alcohol, by volume (St. Patrick’s Day into April).
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